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What those have to say about me

I couldn't be happier with the care I received from Dr. Abouali and the Toronto East General Hospital. He was unfailingly professional and compassionate—taking the the time to reassure me through the sudden, traumatic experience of (very badly) breaking my leg. As my recovery progressed, he was always patient with my many, many questions and guided me through what seemed like an agonizingly long healing period with expert knowledge and care. One year later, my leg has healed straight and strong and I'm finally starting to run again. I know I owe it to the excellent work of Dr. Abouali and his team! I can't thank him enough.

Lauren McKeon - Toronto Life Contributor, Author of "Save me from my Workout"

"When I first found out I tore my ACL and damaged both menisci in my right knee, it was devastating, given that I wouldn't play the game I love for such an extended period of time. Going into a procedure like this for the first time, mentally, is never a walk through the park, but having a surgeon like Dr. Abouali made me feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after my surgery! I was beyond impressed with my experience with him and his staff, how no question went unanswered and how much they cared for my situation. Considering that I was playing at a high level of soccer, I thought that an injury like this wouldn't allow me to continue at that level, but thanks to the success of the surgery, it's nearly a year later and I'm playing at the same level, if not, better. To say I am grateful for everything he and his staff have done for me would be a huge understatement, I'm so glad I was referred to him and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an orthopedic surgeon."

Armeen Yazdi - Soccer Player for ANB Futbol (U21M)
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